Here’s how to talk about sex drive issues with your partner…

I think it’s always a good plan to have those “serious chats” when you are doing something else to occupy your mind. Not sat opposite each other intensely staring each other down. Or in bed at the end of a long day (trust me, not a good plan!). But maybe whilst going for a walk, cooking dinner or washing up. That way there is no awkward eye contact, and you both feel more relaxed. I broke the conversation with the boyf whilst driving. It was good.

What I want to tell you, you might not want to hear.

One of the issues with modern life is that we always want a quick fix solution to everything. A blog with that declares “in 30 days we can trampoline our way to a better sex drive”. Or “after you read this article on the benefit of blowdrying your pubic hair your libido will magically get higher” (or insert similar click bait headline here). The truth is, I don’t think its that simple.