The Scarlet Ladies blogger social

Last week, on a dark October evening, I left work full of anticipation to attend a Scarlet Ladies blogger social.
Being new to the blogging world, I had no idea what bloggers were like IRL. Or what the Scarlet Ladies had in store for me…
The Scarlet Ladies are a London based collective of women that host talks, workshops and meetups which are aimed at breaking down the stigma and shame attached to female sexuality. Of which, there’s a lot!
So I headed over to their HQ in Paul Street, London for a little soiree to find out what they were about. And can I say, it was fabulous…
The interior of their venue is beautiful- deep green walls and quirky Moulin Rouge meets Gatsby-esque decor (including a saddle and glitzy vintage clothing racks for dress up). Because it was so sumptuous I couldn’t help but feel it was the ideal mysterious, sensual location for such a meet.
Behind a secret door in a bookshelf and over a glass of bubbly I chatted to other bloggers and had a real giggle over a game of “I have never”.
Being around women who seem so sexually empowered and are blogging around SL’s values: Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment was incredibly powerful for me. They are all women who enjoy sex, are confident in what they want and are having fun with their sexuality.
 I realised that it’s so important for us all to tap into resources like this- a social space to hang out and check in with other women who are in tune with their sexuality. Who knows, maybe a bit of their great vibes will rub off on me 🙂
On another note, all of the events they run that educate and illuminate sex and pleasure for women’s eyes only. So it’s a safe space to explore that side of yourself, and learn more about yourself and your sexuality. I can’t wait to attend my first one!
Mother Pearl

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      1. Originally Clothed Female Naked Male was aimed at giving please to women because the women are in control, but it turned out that many naked males actually enjoyed being humiliated by clothed females.

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